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Best School Management Software in Nepal - e-School Cloud | Blog

By Rambabu Thapa Posted on 23/Apr/2015 Category: Products
Cloud Based School Management Software Nepal

Why e-School?? Why you should migrate your School to e-School Cloud.

1.You are Nepali and we are too
        e-School is specially designed for Nepali schools by Nepali software company so e-School covers all the operation of any Nepali School. e-School is combined effort of experienced education professionals, financial consultants and software developers.
2.Power of Integration
        With the integration of web based Accounting, Payroll, Billing and Attendance e-School is powerful than any school management software available in market and you don't have to run multiple software to manage your school
3.Accounting is easy
        e-School's Accounting module helps you to track the money going in and out of the school. School owners can manage their account receivables, payables and customers all from a single place. We believe financial record keeping should be easy, fast, (and perhaps even fun), but still detailed enough to satisfy your accountant.
4.Holiday and Leave
        The Attendance module of e-School comes with the features like holiday and leave management and you can see the report anytime on cloud. Tracking your employee and student's activities is in your hand.
        For your school's each and every transaction Billing module helps to manage all the fees, dues, discounts and all the reports are stored in secured cloud server and it can be seen anytime. You can see your daily income at the evening from any place using any device.
6.Pay with ease
        Paying your employees with Payroll module is very easy and all the pay details are clear. e-School handles all the allowances, deductions, bonus and all the tax related information. You have part-time employees e-School handles it too.
7.Your library isn't just bunch of books
        Your schools library itself is an organization which runs various activities. e-School manages you library efficiently enabling easy book and member registration, easy book search option, book status, book issues and return along with Book transaction details report.
8.Running multiple exams, its easier
        How many times you conduct exam in your school; once, twice, thrice or more ? e-School manages to conduct any exam easily, easy marks entry with import and export option, advance marksheet and marks ledger view and print option. It handles the option of grace marks and rewards if applies.
9.Analytical Reports
        Overall, 58% of company leaders say analytics are important to their organizations now, and 82% say they will be important in five years. e-School's Interactive analytical reporting consists of Comparison Table, Pie-Char, Bar Diagram that helps you to make any business decision on the go.
10.Interactive Dashboard
        Dashboards are important because they enable users to access information and take action without having to dig through the application.Your all the major reports are on the dashboard so you are always alerted to what is going on and what need to change.
11.Students gets more
        Students gain the most from e-School - School Management System. Some key benefits for students are: Enhanced interaction with teachers, Online submission of assignments / case studies, Access to attendance, timetable, marks, grades and examination schedule, Freedom to browse through library books catalogue and identify the book(s) to be issued, Prior information about School events and holidays
12.Teachers can do more
        This School management system software offers several benefits to teachers such as, Automated student attendance, Online management of marks and grades, Timetable creation in advance, Upload and download notes / assignments for students and •  Efficient and effective interaction with students.
13.Complete automation of all operations
        School administrative staff can reap several benefits from e-School - School Management System, some of which are as follows:
        Effective communication between administrator/teachers/students, Centrally stored information with zero redundancy, Best possible resource optimisation, Auto-generation of timetables with dynamic substitute management, Cost-effective one point solution for total School management
14.Zero Hardware Cost
        Let’s forget all that stuffs, with e-School you don't have to manage sophisticated hardware and large electricity backup like large UPS and Generators. e-School is in cloud and fully backed up with  24hrs dedicated electricity backup and online data security. So if you choose e-School your school is always online and runs 24/7 enabling you to spend your valuable time on other important things than worrying about software and its associates.
15.Secure Hosting on Cloud
        With e-School you'll find all of your school's data on secure cloud servers. Cloud is the most secure and reliable source of data. Let’s say you're on vacation but you want updates on your schools daily income, its easy just login using your cloud account from any device you have in your hand. And you can see the report on the go.

e-School is Nepal's First Cloud Based School Managemenrt Software. Please have a look at free demo of e-School.
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